11 Apr 2013

Meet Rock Bob, Learn From His Sad Billy Joel Mop-Dance

Rock Bob doesn’t exactly rock, but he does dance to Billy Joel… sort of

10 Sep 2012

The Ultimate DAPS Guide To Drinking In Class

Today we’re going to concentrate on enhancing that boring class you have by inserting booze. Sounds like fun, right?

18 Jul 2012

Summer BBQ Tips and Recipes to Impress Your Friends

We here at DAPS decided to put together an all-star caliber guide for your next barbecue. Just do what we tell you and your buddies might actually bring better beer to your next shindig.

12 Nov 2011

I’ll Just Leave This Here: Check Out This Black Magic!!

I don’t get magic at all. It’s just tricks right? I hope magicians aren’t really summoning the Dark Lord Satan to accomplish their wonderful tricks.

21 Jul 2011

How To Make Homemade Ecto-Cooler

This recipe seemed almost too-good to be true, so, this past weekend, a bunch of us DAPS guys got together to make some for ourselves and this was the result.

31 Mar 2009

Dirty Roc Interviews Adult Film Star Lisa Sparxxx

DAPS’ own Dirty Roc met up with adult film actress Lisa Sparxxx, to discuss life in the industry. This interview which was filmed in Lisa’s hotel room was a lot of fun for all of the DAPS crew who were in attendence.

12 Nov 2008

Can I Claim Bankruptcy?

Since the economy is going downhill here in the good ol’ US of A and every corporation is claiming bankruptcy.