22 Sep 2015

Sam and Niko of Corridor Digital Explain Why Most Action Scenes Suck

Sure, there are a lot of movies that have lots of action scenes, but many of them are confusing and uninteresting. Why? Well, that’s where Sam Gorski & Niko Pueringer of Coridor Digital come in.

21 Sep 2015

Watch These Famous Movie Dance Scenes Re-Dubbed with Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk

All of your favorite movie characters love “Uptown Funk” Just as much as you do!

15 Sep 2015

OFFLINE DATING, Is A Short Film That Explores What It’s Like To Find A Date IRL

When UK Filmmaker, Samuel Abrams, learned that his friend Tom had become single, he decided to challenge his buddy to meet a lady offline. Then he made a film about this challenge, and aptly titled it “OFFLINE DATING”

the Bonfire roasts Chet Haze.
13 Sep 2015

Listen to the Bonfire Roast Rapper Chet Hanks With “Tom Hanks” Themed Rap

Talk about low hanging fruit. Making fun of awful celebrity children/siblings isn’t very hard, but Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder, hosts of Sirius/XM’s “the Bonfire”, have struck comedy gold with their recent bit highlighting how “good” Tom Hanks’ son Chet Hanks/Hanx/Haze is at “spitting hot fire on the mic”.

Tom Hardy's Bane Had a Myspace Too
10 Sep 2015

Tom Hardy’s MySpace Photos Are Funny, But BANE’S MYSPACE PHOTOS Are Insane

You merely adopted the top 8; Bane was born in it!

07 Sep 2015

13 Disney Afternoon Theme Songs That Will Teleport You To The 90s

90s kids remember a lot of things, at least that’s what the internet tells me. Whether or not that’s true, one thing that I’d have to imagine that most 90s kids remember more fondly than most, is the Disney Afternoon, a block of original cartoons that ran from 1990 through 1997.

04 Sep 2015

The Most Important Superman Drone Video You’ll See Today

This morning, I spied a little link featuring drone footage from a DGI Phantom 3 with a Superman action figure strapped to it, set to John Williams’ classic Superman score.

03 Sep 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Asks: Can You Spot The Americans Who Think Barack Obama Is a Muslim?

Earlier in the week, we were surprised to learn that, according to a recent poll, a surprising amount of Americans believe that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Apparently this belief stems from a series of chain e-mails.

02 Sep 2015

Eric Demeusy’s Short Film Shows What Happened To Boba Fett After “Return of the Jedi”

Boba Fett is easily one of the most popular Star Wars characters, so it’s pretty obvious that the bounty hunter would be the subject of many fan-made creations. A lot of the time those creations aren’t very good, but occasionally, in the vastness of the internet, you get something pretty great. For example, above you see a short film speculating what may have happened to ol’ Boba after the events of Return of the Jedi.

27 Aug 2015

Was Jim Carrey’s ‘The Cable Guy’ Simply Ahead of it’s Time?

This Week, Channel Awesome’s Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker), takes a look back at a film that might just have been ahead of it’s time. He makes some pretty great points.