10 Apr 2013

Listen to Molly Ringwald Sing the Breakfast Club Theme Song

Molly Ringwald’s sultry jazz voice brings new life to Simple Minds’ classic 80’s tune, which was kinda responsible for her whole Hollywood career.

09 Apr 2013

Check Out This Anchorman and Macklemore’s Thrift Shop Mashup

Why should you? Because it’s fucking awesome… (Get it? It’s a line from Macklamore’s song.)

08 Apr 2013

Watch the Wu Tang Clan’s GZA Rap About Science

Why do we get to experience the awesomeness of hearing Gza rap about science? Because the rapper is part of a new program that is encouraging New York City public schools to use hip hop as a tool to teach science. Pretty cool.

12 Nov 2012

This Is Why MTV Doesn’t Play Music Videos Anymore

Finally, the question of why MTV only shows reality shows now, is answered.

04 Oct 2012

Correct Interpretations of Oft-Misinterpreted Song Lyrics

Here at DAPS we pride ourselves in our genius when it comes to song lyric interpretation. Recently, it occurred to us that we should be sharing this talent with the world. So, today we’re going to explain some what some of the more commonly misinterpreted pieces are actually about.

28 Aug 2012

Drake as the Softest Things

I sat and thought about the softest things in the world, and wanted to see what they would look like if Drake was as soft as them.

08 Aug 2012

Call Me Maybe is Filled With Satanic Messages When Played Backwards

While poisoning our culture with awful content, record companies, film studios and television stations are also poisoning our spiritual well beings with satanic messages attempting to control our minds

26 Jul 2012

Mario Paint Remixes: The Real Slim Shady and Getting Jiggy Wit It

Taking a Capella tracks from real songs, and putting them over Mario Paint versions of those songs.

24 May 2012

Presenting: Skrillex In Reverse.

After some toying around with the audio, we decided that it would be fun to see what reverse dubstep is actually like. We took Skrillex’s “First of the Year” and flipped that shit.

17 Apr 2012

Prince + Instagram = Princestagrams

Prince and Instagram, it’s a marriage made in heaven. Honestly, I’m surprised nobody’s done it yet. Alas, now it exists. Ya snooze, ya lose.