27 Oct 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 56: “Comedy Showcase Special”

This week is a very special episode, as I look back on the first two years of the show and highlight clips from 10 comedians/writers.

26 Oct 2017

Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 09 – The Hip-Hop Carnival of Baby Doritos

Episode 9 starts with a taste test of a new Doritos product. The guys then discuss the best carnival foods and everyone’s infatuation with funnel cake. They play a sports trivia game to determine who knows more, Damian or Chris. They follow that up with a discussion on Bodak Yellow and the oldest whitest conversation about hip-hop in 2017. All 3 guys watched Baby Driver so they share their thoughts and finish up with the first ever feedback feedbag.

13 Oct 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 55: “The FDA is Asleep at the Switch” [Guest: Larry Olmsted]

Larry Olmsted is the author of the book ‘Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating & What You Can Do About It.’

02 Oct 2017

Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 08 – The Spoils of Bodega Baseball Movies

The guys start with news of a major development in Staten Island food services. This leads to a discussion of price gouging at bagel deli. They then chime in on Bodega Boxes and how an idea of that magnitude even gets off the ground. This week was sports movie talk, baseball specifically. Social media had lots of opinions which were fine and so did Chris which was not fine. ****Spoiler Alert**** They finish up with a debate on spoilers and how much is too much? Chris closes the pod with an unbelievable story from the set of Cloverfield.

01 Oct 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 54: “Unexpectedly Confident” [Guest: Jo Firestone]

Jo Firestone is a comedian, writer/performer for ‘The Tonight Show’ Creator of ‘Punderdome 3000,’ has a new podcast called ‘Dr. Gameshow’ coming to the Earwolf network later this October, and this past Friday had a half hour stand-up episode premiere on Comedy Central.

15 Sep 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 53: “Video Game Junk Food” [Guests: Dinosaur Machines Gameclub]

Dan Colonna, Dave Grima, and Mark Magro host the ‘Dinosaur Machines Gameclub’ podcast where they do book-club style reviews of indie video games.

14 Sep 2017

Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 07 – Rick & Morty’s New York Fantasy

The guys eat breakfast together again and are varying degrees of sleep deprived. They talk non-specifically about their favorite meals in NY and too specifically about their results of a Buzzfeed Quiz. They move onto season 3 of Rick and Morty and whether or not the shows more existential premise is better. Joe and Chris finish up with a conversation about how fantasy sports impacts their real life fandom and talk way too much about their own fantasy league. Also, Joe lets you know how to send in corrections on stuff they get wrong.

02 Sep 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 52: “Science is Excel Sheets” [Guest: Mad Scientist Podcast]

Chris Cogswell holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and hosts the popular Mad Scientist Podcast.

25 Aug 2017

Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 06 – Cheese Challenge (Feat. Veronica Bisceglie)

The guys have a special guest, friend/nemesis of the pod, Joe’s sister. They talk about NY centric food and then wonder why millennials are obsessed with avocados.  This is followed by a discussion of every kind of cheese ever created. Chris watched MTV’s the Challenge Dirty 30 so the gang gets deep into the intricacies of that and wonder why anyone watches this show at all. Finally, they finish up with a mostly civil discussion about another lost year for the Mets.

18 Aug 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 51: “There is No Truth in Recollection” [Guest: Lizzy Goodman]

Lizzy Goodman is an author whose latest book ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’ is the first major book to document the NYC music scene and culture from 2001-2011.