15 Sep 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 53: “Video Game Junk Food” [Guests: Dinosaur Machines Gameclub]

Dan Colonna, Dave Grima, and Mark Magro host the ‘Dinosaur Machines Gameclub’ podcast where they do book-club style reviews of indie video games.

14 Sep 2017

Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 07 – Rick & Morty’s New York Fantasy

The guys eat breakfast together again and are varying degrees of sleep deprived. They talk non-specifically about their favorite meals in NY and too specifically about their results of a Buzzfeed Quiz. They move onto season 3 of Rick and Morty and whether or not the shows more existential premise is better. Joe and Chris finish up with a conversation about how fantasy sports impacts their real life fandom and talk way too much about their own fantasy league. Also, Joe lets you know how to send in corrections on stuff they get wrong.

02 Sep 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 52: “Science is Excel Sheets” [Guest: Mad Scientist Podcast]

Chris Cogswell holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and hosts the popular Mad Scientist Podcast.

25 Aug 2017

Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 06 – Cheese Challenge (Feat. Veronica Bisceglie)

The guys have a special guest, friend/nemesis of the pod, Joe’s sister. They talk about NY centric food and then wonder why millennials are obsessed with avocados.  This is followed by a discussion of every kind of cheese ever created. Chris watched MTV’s the Challenge Dirty 30 so the gang gets deep into the intricacies of that and wonder why anyone watches this show at all. Finally, they finish up with a mostly civil discussion about another lost year for the Mets.

18 Aug 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 51: “There is No Truth in Recollection” [Guest: Lizzy Goodman]

Lizzy Goodman is an author whose latest book ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’ is the first major book to document the NYC music scene and culture from 2001-2011.

08 Aug 2017

Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 05 – The Defiant Green Glow of Chinese Cornhole

The guys spend the entire episode going off the rails and subsequently trying to get back on. They start with a discussion about the color of Chris’ nacho steak and then remember this isn’t a visual medium. They follow up with a discussion of your favorite Chinese food items and try to create the perfect take out Chinese order. They awkwardly transition to discussion the Cornhole championships on ESPN but that devolved into giggling like school children because there is no way to discuss cornhole without it sounding overtly sexual. They end with Tv recommendations, one that Chris hated and one that Damian hated.

04 Aug 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 50: “Creativity is a Self-Renewing Resource” [Guest: Justin McElroy]

Justin McElroy is best known for him & his brother’s podcast ‘My Brother, My Brother, and Me” as well as their SeeSo comedy series, being the Editor-at-Large for the gaming site Polygon, and for additional podcasts such as The Adventure Zone and Sawbones.

21 Jul 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 49: “Slimer Toothpaste & Austerity Noodles” [Guests: Cheapshow Podcast]

Paul Gannon & Eli Silverman host the popular ‘Cheap Show Podcast’ out of the UK as well as perform on the Barshens Youtube channel alongside popular Youtubers Barry Lewis & (past guest) Stuart Ashen.

18 Jul 2017

Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 04: Good Eggs & Bad Mets

Chris goes to Starbucks which leads to a learning opportunity about the history of avocados. People on Facebook have thoughts on eggs and Joe mostly hates those thoughts. The guys weigh in on ketchup’s right to exist then move on to arguing about the Mets. They finish up with a discussion about the NBC comedy The Good Place.

08 Jul 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 48: “Meeting a Cobbler in the Middle Ages” [Guest: Stephen Ignatious]

Stephen Ignatious is the host of the ‘In Strange Company’ podcast and also does work with the legendary WFMU.