09 Oct 2015

A Crash Course In Quentin Tarantino Using Supercuts

I’ve long argued profusely that Quentin Tarantino is American Cinema’s greatest Auteur. I know that’s an incredibly bold statement, but hear me out.

13 Nov 2012

Deep Fried Seven Layer Cookies, Cannoli, And Other Deep Fried Pastries

DAPS went and deep fried rainbow cookies, cannoli, and other pastries with awesome results. Here’s how, and a bevvy of photos!

31 Oct 2012

How To Make Kit Kat Lasagna: A Kit Kat Lasagna Recipe

Learn how to make some candy deliciousness

12 Oct 2012

8 Television Shows That Danny DeVito Could Make More Awesome

Because he was able to add so much to a show that seemed destined for cancellation, we thought that Danny DeVito could probably bring that same magic to some other shows in need of a lift.

08 Oct 2012

Old Actors Revisiting The Famous Roles Of Their Youth: Volume 2

DAPS is once again throwing today’s older actors into the roles of their youth.

05 Oct 2012

2/10 Would Not Eat

Just in case you don’t have personal standards, we DAPS kids are sharing ours with everyone on the internet. Feel free to take our opinions as your own.

04 Oct 2012

Correct Interpretations of Oft-Misinterpreted Song Lyrics

Here at DAPS we pride ourselves in our genius when it comes to song lyric interpretation. Recently, it occurred to us that we should be sharing this talent with the world. So, today we’re going to explain some what some of the more commonly misinterpreted pieces are actually about.

25 Sep 2012

In Memoriam: Bacon

I’m sorry if I’m the first person to tell you this, but soon there will be no more bacon. As a society, we’ve been greedy and have basically drained our entire supply.

18 Sep 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Man Gets Kicked By a Horse

This week’s Viral Video Commentary features a man who gets a little slap happy with a horses ass and ends up looking like one himself when he gets destroyed after the horse kicks him.

17 Sep 2012

Watch This Bug-Eyed Dude Hilariously Bungee Jump (Then Watch Again, In Slow Motion)

Today we found a video that we loved about a man and his helmet cam taking an adventurous bungee jump somewhere on the Eurasian continent.