02 Oct 2017

Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 08 – The Spoils of Bodega Baseball Movies

The guys start with news of a major development in Staten Island food services. This leads to a discussion of price gouging at bagel deli. They then chime in on Bodega Boxes and how an idea of that magnitude even gets off the ground. This week was sports movie talk, baseball specifically. Social media had lots of opinions which were fine and so did Chris which was not fine. ****Spoiler Alert**** They finish up with a debate on spoilers and how much is too much? Chris closes the pod with an unbelievable story from the set of Cloverfield.

09 Oct 2015

A Crash Course In Quentin Tarantino Using Supercuts

I’ve long argued profusely that Quentin Tarantino is American Cinema’s greatest Auteur. I know that’s an incredibly bold statement, but hear me out.

05 Oct 2015

Procrastinate With Michelle Ciotta Talks About Mars, Macklemore, and uh, More…

Michelle Ciotta’s new vlog series seems to have the same objective as DAPS, to feed you interesting stuff while helping you procrastinate. The series, called “Procrastinate With Me,” has Ciotta (also known as MichelleInSpace) run through a widely ranging series of topics. This first installment discusses everything from the discovery of water on Mars to Macklemore’s new music video.

26 Aug 2015

DAPS Links: Baby Born with 3 Penises, A Giant Chinese Sinkhole, A Dog Faced Girl, & More

Based on the amount in this post, I’d have to say that the missing link scientists are always talking about is in here somewhere.

24 Aug 2015

DAPS Links: Testing Internet Life Hacks, A Guy Gets Bit By A Snapping Turtle, How To Take a Selfie, & More

You and these links should hang out, I have a feeling you might just click.

20 May 2013

Geoff Celis Is NOT Zach Braff, Is Promoting ‘Some Guys’

10 days ago, we shared an indiegogo campaign for “Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others,” a comedy about a magical Morrissey t-shirt and Lucha Libre wrestlers. Geoff Celis, the film’s director is having a very specific problem during fundraising for the project… He’s not Zach Braff.

15 May 2013

Here’s Your First Look At Whose Line Is It Anyway 2013

In case you haven’t heard, 90s/Early 2000s Improv sensation, Whose Line Is It Anyway, is headed back to the airwaves.

13 May 2013

Watch: ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Promo

Now that it’s officially been picked up by ABC for the fall schedule, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has on official promo.

10 May 2013

Patent Pending Covers The Big Bang Theory’s Theme Song

I’m a little late to the party here, but have you guys heard Patent Pending’s cover of The Big Bang Theory’s theme song?

09 May 2013

Vegan Black Metal Chef – Green Been Awesomeness

Few things on the internet embody this wisdom as much as the Vegan Black Metal Chef. His first video featured a candle adorned kitchen and some costuming, but as you can see above, in 14 episodes this has grown into a full-fledged Black Metal Mass of ridiculous proportions.