10 Dec 2009

Garfield The Cat Is Dead…

Garfield is dead? How can this be? I mean, granted I haven’t read a Garfield strip in years, this is still horrible.

12 Nov 2009

Paradox: The Death Of Western Journalism…

Here is a very-rare (for DAPS) longform piece on the downfall of journalism. Hopefully you will be enlightened and/or titillated.

13 May 2008

DAPSpecific: Ryan the @nti-Hero…

This week I sat down with Ryan the @nti-Hero from The Anti-Semantic Show for an interview.

30 Apr 2008

Questions raised by the DAPS photo shoot…

In case you have been living under a rock for the past week, Dog and Pony Show were the featured story in last week’s issue of A.W.E.

16 Feb 2008


Well, well, well. The day has finally arrived. DAPS is finally up and running.

16 Feb 2008

Interview: Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, and Aziz Ansari of MTV’s “Human Giant”…

This week I sat down via the Internet with the stars of MTV’s hit sketch comedy show: "Human Giant".