25 Mar 2013

Sneak Peek: The Dog and Pony Show Show’s Duck Face Exposé

We’re not ready to put the whole thing online right now, but we did upload one segment from the DAPS show starring Katie Koster and Casey Jost along with a number of familiar DAPS faces and well-wishers.

26 Jan 2012

Shit Forrest Gump Says.

We all know that the “Shit _____ Say” videos are getting a bit tired. Knowing that, however, didn’t stop us from making one of our own. Not only are we doing the least original thing you can do on the internet (see: jumping on a trend), but we were also lazy about it.

01 Jul 2011

Stuperheroes on DAPS: Double Date Bro

Stuperheroes is X-men meets Dumb & Dumber. These web shorts put a spin on the everyday respectable superhero and feature a host of crazy characters with “stupid” super powers. In this week’s episode: Hype needs a favor from Little Bobby.

27 Sep 2010

Average DAPS Reader: Can Watch Carlo Get A Brazilian Wax at Dyanna Body and Nail Spa

Check out the first Episode of Learn Something! with Carlo, where he visits Dyanna Body and Nail spa to get a Brazilian Wax.

22 Sep 2010

Average DAPS Reader: Knows The Identity Of The Bed Intruder. (Marty McFly)

Since July 18th, the date that the infamous bed intruder interview was broadcast on NBC affiliate WAFF-48 News in Huntsville, Antoine Dodson has been searching for his sworn enemy known only as “The Bed Intruder.” Here at DAPS we’ve been working night and day researching the clues left in the video in hopes of finding the true identity of this uninvited bedroom guest.

26 Aug 2010

Watch this Guy Shoulder Check a Girl Under the Guise of a Chest Bump and Completely Wreck her

watch a guy completely level a chick in a failed chestbump attempt.

30 Apr 2010

Reasons To Watch Our Sidebar Videos: Inspiration!

If you frequent this little website often, you may have noticed the “video of the moment” which lives on our sidebar on all pages of the site. These videos are usually hilariously weird youtube clips that don’t really fit into a post, but we still fell are worthy of DAPS loves.

19 Apr 2010

Apparently There is a Huge Market for Fake Abs on YouTube…

Prompted by a URLesque piece on the topic, I looked into the world of How-To videos. Specifically, how to fake your abs.

26 Mar 2010

Presenting Chatroullete Users w/ Themselves

Last week I decided to play a little Chatroullete joke of my own. I downloaded ManyCam and set it up to capture the screen of the person I would be Chatroulleting with. So my “partners” would end up seeing themselves in my video feed.

Avon Junkies | Adam Tilzer Bullshit Shoot
22 Jul 2009

BS! DAPS makes another Avon Junkies music video. UPDATE!

DAPS did it again, Avon Junkies music video number two. This one’s name would cause us to lose google adsense on the front page, so you’re gonna have to click through to find out what song…