31 Mar 2009

Dirty Roc Interviews Adult Film Star Lisa Sparxxx

DAPS’ own Dirty Roc met up with adult film actress Lisa Sparxxx, to discuss life in the industry. This interview which was filmed in Lisa’s hotel room was a lot of fun for all of the DAPS crew who were in attendence.

Hobo Swap Logo
30 Mar 2009

Vin Forte’s “Hobo Swap”

It took an entire year, from conception of the idea to a world premiere at Martini Red, but yes, Hobo Swap is finally here!!

23 Feb 2009

Dog and Pony Show visits NY COMIC CON ’09

Just Imagine all the “weird” and “kooky” things they get into! Power Rangers!

29 Jan 2008

Homosexuwhales Pilot

Donovan and Bruce are two Homosexuwhales, they aren’t romantically linked, but are very good friends.

29 Jan 2008

Out of This World

Chris reminisces about an 80’s TV show that he can’t quite remember the name of.

29 Jan 2008

Hide and Seek with a Blind Guy

Your heroes befriend a blind person and spend the day with him.

29 Jan 2008

Erotic Doctor

What’s your favorite part?

29 Jan 2008

1 Guy 2 Cups

The DAPS Crew Sits Down To Watch The Infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup Video. Carlo Has Some Reservations.

29 Jan 2008

Offensive Macbook Talks Dirty

Carlo Can’t Wait To Show Everyone The Trick He Taught His MacBook.

29 Jan 2008

Dancing with Scotty

The DAPS staff is really bored