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Chase & Rose’s “I’m A Flirt” Is The Best Song About Flirting You’ll Hear All Day

I’d like to start this by letting you guys know, that I almost passed out from laughing at the end of this track, so to say I recommend you check it out is an understatement.

The guys behind the track, the outrageous Chase and the ‘so famous’ Rose, make up hip-pop duo Chase & Rose. Their single, “I’m A Flirt” (the one above), is the third off California Pop Music., the unheralded album of Summer 2015. Think LFO meets The Lonely Island, only flirtier, and in 2015, and with a talent for texting.

You might be asking yourself why Chase and Rose look so familiar? Well, if you’re on this site, there’s a good change you recognize comedian/improviser/musician Casey Jost. Aside from being an occasional contributor to DAPS in the past, Casey was “up for whatever” in a recent series of Bud Light videos, and can be seen as a typical Staten Island police officer in Staten Island Summer (which you can check out on Netflix, right now!)

Similarly, you might recognize comedian Patrick Noth, an Emmy nominee for his work on “Pale Force” which appeared on Conan, as well as a number of popular web series released through Viacom.

You can purchase their album on CDBaby, here.

or for those of you who don’t want to support talented young artists:

You can stream their album on Spotify, here.

Check out their previous two singles below:




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