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Comparing Bryan Cranston’s Walter White To Malcolm’s Dad Hal

One true sign of a great actor is their ability to make you forget other famous roles they’ve played while in a current one. That’s what happens when you watch Bryan Cranston in the role of Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad. For the 60 minutes the show is airing, you completely forget that he was also the hairy-backed sales clerk who fathered Malcolm and Dewey in the early 2000s.

For that reason, I thought it’d be fun to compare Bryan’s two most famous characters Walter White, and the surnameless Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

It’s fun that Hal was arrested more than Walter. I also like Hal’s alias better.

You know, it’s actually really fun to imagine that both of these shows are on the same timeline and that Hal was living a double life as a science teacher and ended up becoming Walter White.

Think about it…


You’re right… it makes no sense.



Editor’s Note: I’m a dummy and forgot the baby from Malcolm in the Middle. Don’t worry guys, I’ve corrected it so you don’t break out in OCD or anything.

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