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Correct Interpretations of Oft-Misinterpreted Song Lyrics

Here at DAPS we pride ourselves in our genius when it comes to song lyric interpretation. Recently, it occurred to us that we should be sharing this talent with the world. So, today we’re going to explain what some of the more commonly misinterpreted pieces are actually about.

First, let’s take a listen to Kanye West’s “All The Lights ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi” 

Editor’s Note: All of the song titles link to full song lyrics for your reading pleasure.

O.K., let’s break this down.

First off, Rihannna wants the lights turned up because she’s very afraid of the dark, she even wants it to be Vegas (you know, bright) everywhere she is. When Kanye lists different types of lights he’s actually trying to make Rihanna feel less scared. It’s really nice of him.

The song also has a number of sub-plots: There’s one where Kanye blames all the problems in his life on a concussion he had many year ago, ‘I made mistakes, I bumped my head’.

Also, MJ (“MJ gone, our nigga dead!”) refers to Mary-Jane Watson from Spider-Man, so that entire verse is about Peter Parker going to jail, and then coming home only to find there is a new Spider-Man who has replaced him.

Finally, believe it or not, Kid Cudi’s line “getting mine, you should go and get your own” is about the piece of cake he’s about to eat. Kid Cudi is known to be kind of a cake connoisseur.

Isn’t that weird? You probably thought it was about something totally different.

Let’s listen to some more popular songs:

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