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DAPS Links: A Kitty Cat Feast, Captain America: Civil War Promo Photos, New Star Wars Footage, & More


Guess who’s coming to dinner?!?

Those of you who fear change, avert your eyes. The newest Instagram​ update allows you to upload photos in landscape and portrait formats!

The 90’s X-Men cartoon intro was just a little more awesome for Japanese audiences.

Jon Cryer really wants Don Draper to win an Emmy. One might even say that he wants the D, but that’s fine. He can do whatever he likes you judgmental pricks.

LOOK FELLOW COMIC BOOK NERDS: Captain America: Civil War movie promo art!!!1!

LOOK FELLOW VIDEO GAME NERDS: Michael Fassbender in Assasin’s Creed!!

Amazon is reportedly developing a Galaxy Quest television series. It’d better have Tim Allen in it, so help me god.

Could have sworn that the biggest difference between single men in 2015 and single women in 2015 is that the single men are all creeps.

Missed Connection: You were a man sunbathing 200 feet up on a wind turbine, I was a drone watching lustfully.

Heroic Hollywood explains why Doomsday is the perfect villain for Batman V. Superman.

Can you grow a brain in a jar? Does it work like sea monkeys? I guess we’ll just have to find out

Lisa Kudrow performed Smelly Cat as Pheobe Buffay with Taylor Swift, and the internet became the red M&M encountering Santa Claus.

I’ll be thinking about Demi Lovato’s new Cosmo photo set for the next rest of my life…

Macklemore’s new single is a cover of “The Song That Never Ends”

Hey, you! Yes, YOU! You can be in Mike Birbiglia’s new movie.

Finally, because how could we exclude it, here’s that new Insa-Star Wars footage:

There has been an awakening… #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

A video posted by Star Wars (@starwars) on

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