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DAPS Links: A Man Who Sleeps With A Polar Bear, A Girl With a Dino Birthmark, Avengers BTS Footage, & More!

Did somebody say links??

Did somebody say links??

This man sleeps in a bed with an 840 lb polar bear, and I’m afraid of birds.

These kids who weren’t around in the 90s don’t know cartoons from the 90’s, who knew…

So, this girl has a dinosaur birthmark, and will soon have a marriage proposal from me.

This trailer tells me that Amy Schumer has a new stand up special coming out on HBO, I’m putting my money on it being funny.

George Lucas says that the OG Star Wars trilogy and the prequels “rhymed” and here I thought he was just being unoriginal…

This footage of James Spader playing Ultron on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron is pretty cool.

READ THIS –> Carly Lane’s¬†Totally-Not-Sarcastic-Guide To Surviving The Internet.

Marvel/Netflix’s Jessica Jones has a teaser trailer, and it looks an awful lot like DareDevil.

Colin and Casey Jost made a funny video about golf, watch it here.

Did you know Super Mario Bros. 3 was a performance? It’s been confirmed, bro…

Tom Hiddleson’s singing voice just made my ovaries explode…. wait… no…. that was gas. FALSE ALARM!

Selena Gomez posted a nude Instagram, but Instagram has all of those no-nipple rules, so Idk what people are going crazy about.

Finally, look at this baby tiger licking some dude’s head. I wish I were him:

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