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DAPS Links: An Animated Cat Vortex, Stock Footage Baboons, The Portland Pooper, & More

Cat Vortex by Carlo Montagnino

That crazy cat vortex you’re looking at above this is pretty cool, but just wait until you see it animated. Oh, and this wonderful piece of internet art was created by our co-founder, Carlo Montagnino.

Guillermo del Toro reportedly wants Godzilla in Pacific Rim 3. Idk, I just thought you might care.

Sometimes you set a mouse on fire, and sometimes the mouse sets you on fire, and sometimes both happen.

Street artist, Hanksy, did a portrait of Donald Trump and ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT.

Learn why the Notorious BIG referenced Darius Rucker in “Mo Money, Mo Problems”

This artist claims he had a close encounter with a Yeti, based on the sketch he’s provided, I believe him and that said Yeti uses expensive conditioner.

Jimmy Kimmel’s jab at YouTube’s new gaming service really showed off his Talk Show Host privilege.

I, for one, honestly cannot wait for Super Mario Maker. I’ve been dreaming of it since I was 10 years old.

On a diet but hate to cook? Here are some grab and go foods for the lose-weight set.

Don’t put this muzzle on your dog unless you want some murderous stranger to think your dog is from the underworld.

This behind the scenes footage reveals how James Spader brought Ultron to life in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Not into Avengers? How about some stock footage of baboons doing people things?

The tables have turned, it looks like Judge Joe Brown is headed to jail.

Who wants movie exploitation posters!?!

Watch as Pedro Martinez and Harold Reynolds recreate the New York Mets’ crazymazing play from last night.

Who is The Portland Pooper?

Finally, because he’s leaving us and heading to Portland (presumably to hunt down The Portland Pooper). Here’s Brendan Lyons Axl Rose in his original audition tape:

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