DAPS Links: Baby Born with 3 Penises, A Giant Chinese Sinkhole, A Dog Faced Girl, & More

Good Luck to our friend, Staten Islander, Matt “Airistotle” Burns, as he gets ready for the World Air Guitar Championship in Finland. The World Final competition will be streamed starting at 7:30 EET on August 28th.

Did science just figure out how to stop the spread of cancer cells?

WAIT! Did science just figure out the origin of all life on earth??

A truck carrying 10,000 baby chickens crashed in China, and people started scooping up those chicks and taking them home. People in America might do the same for Peeps.

Speaking of China, because of this video I’ll probably never go there.

Some people look like their dogs, while others paint their faces with hyper-realistic designs so they can look like their dogs.

YouTube saw Twitch and was like… haha okay, that’s nice.

Meanwhile, Facebook saw Siri and was like… haha okay, that’s nice.

So, it turns out that none of New York City’s neighborhoods have defined boundaries.

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are writing and starring in a movie together, because Hollywood knows exactly how to separate me from my money.

An Indian child was born with THREE penises and ZERO anuses.

Any American Horror Story fans in the house? Here are 10 exclusive photos from the series’ newest installment ‘Hotel’

Are cars inefficient? Bitch, they might be.

We’d like to introduce you to 10 Mega Man villains so bad that they never made it into a game.

Why did thin tortillas make it big while thick ones (I call them Gorditas, btw) did not?

Burger King wants to join forces with McDonalds to create a McWhopper for world peace. That’ll happen the day Sonic The Hedgehog works side by side with Mario. Hmmm…

WATCH: Mythbusters takes on the Breaking Bad finale:

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