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DAPS Links: Brad Willis Yells Like Hank Hill, Dogs Are Why You’re Here, Keytar Sonic The Hedgehog, & More!

Above, is our take on that viral video going around where the bug freaks the reporter out.

I bet you didn’t know this dinner plate etiquette, especially that last one.

If you haven’t listened to this army of rubber ducks yet, you need to. Also, as a note I accidentally typed “fucks” three times before I got “ducks” right. That’s how much I love you guys.

Love dogs? Well, you should. They may be the only reason that you’re here.

Also, if you don’t love dogs, they’re all going to leave you for horses.

After seeing this Concussion trailer, it’s safe to say that Will Smith is leaving Scientology away from finally winning his Oscar.

Amazon Prine is about to put on some serious relationship weight.

John Oliver shares his favorite history lies. We share John Oliver videos until you get the hint and start watching on your own.

I might consider watching Netflix’s Pablo Escobar drama if it were called “Medellin.” Alas, it is not.

After battling chipotle and other fast casual fare, then battling the PR onslaught that is Jared, Subway is due for a change.

Let’s all stop and admire this dude who flat out destroys Sonic The Hedgehog’s “Green Hill Zone” on a keytar:

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