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DAPS Links: Dog Loves Tater Tots, Gorillas Learning To Speak, Monkey Flowers, and More!

The Flash has a promo, it’s really quick, but I think that’s the joke (see above video)

Carly Lane be bringin’ it lately. 1) She talked to The X-Files’ science advisor to talk about the show’s realism & 2) got philosophical about the new Trevor Noah promo.

Scientists are hearing mathematical signals from space. Is it related to the X-Files reboot? It just might be…

Thrillist baked the cookie dough in a bunch of cookie dough ice cream to see what made the best cookie. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Infographic: Very cool list of TV Show Finales and how they compare to the show’s average episode.

Marvel keeps spanking The Fantastic Four Fox because they’re passive aggressive like that.

Two words: Monkey. Flowers.

Is your e-mail address in the Ashley Madison data dump? Is your dad’s? Now you can find out!

How many tater tots can a dog fit in it’s mouth? This many!

Skinny Mario? More like problematic Mario. Ugh.

WHOA! Research might suggest that Gorillas might be starting to learn to speak…. “Amy want raindrop drink” or “No!“?

We, here at the DAPS office, think The Kingpin is responsible for this Hell’s Kitchen explosion.


I hereby proclaim that all debates be ended with a short song competition.

Chase & Rose's "I'm A Flirt"
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