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DAPS Links: Ecto-Cooler Beer, Angry Birds Movie Pics, Saving Ribs From The Fire, & More!

This photo of Stephen Colbert posing with his new Late Show marquee makes me happy.

Excited about that Angry Birds movie? Did you forget it was happening? In either case, PopCultureBrain has the first look!

The dudes in SI pop-punk outfit, Everything Ever, lost all of their gear. Learn how you can help!

Watch this creep do some cool stuff with playing cards!

No more exclamation points, I promise…

Speaking of creepy, I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Someone made Ecto-Cooler beer?

Music videos are pretty easy to make, unless they’re not.

This old man just wanted to get it wet, presumably one last time.

Super Mario Maker gets reviewed, not by us, hopefully that’s coming though.

Sorry atheists, All Day McDonald’s breakfast is definitive proof that there is in fact a god.

But will it be part of a complete breakfast? Now you can know what that means [exclamation point removed]

Hulu is now offering a commercial free plan, which allows users to stream without ads for $11.99. They’re calling this plan “more expensive Netflix

Because it’s so popular right now, take a look at 10 Places on Staten Island that you didn’t know were haunted.

Someone added the Seinfeld theme song to Kanye West’s VMA speech. It works pretty well.

This video is a little old, but these dudes totally got catfished by some cats pretending to be fish.

Why what you love sucks: Obi Wan Kenobi.

Take pride in what you do, man. Save your family AND your ribs:

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