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DAPS Links: Finding Love on Tinder, A Lion Tree, Mind Blowing Space Facts, and More!

Here are 11 mind blowing space facts. If your mind explodes, please take a video and send it to us. We’ve never seen it before and would like to!

Behold, the much storied lion tree. (Where lions come from)

Have you ever wanted to take a swim in the sky, man? No, I’m not high. I’m just excited for London’s first “sky-pool!”

One artist created this comic so people would know the difference between “Latino” and “Hispanic”

Meditation changes your brain. Science says so.

The New York Mets have the most social fans in Major League Baseball. But like, duh! Have you seen The 7 Line Army?

I’m very excited about the potential travel benefits of a hyperloop or hyperloops, this is what they may look like.

Go ahead and make fun of Tinder, but do it knowing that some people are actually swiping their way to love through the service.

Six Feet Under was amazing, and I’m mad that it took me so long to watch it. Celebrate the series’ greatness, with this oral history from Rolling Stone.

This article compares Bernie Sanders to 7-Up, but in a good way.

The people who own this Goonies house want you to GET OFF THEIR LAWN.

Finally, here’s the best X-Files photobomb ever:

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