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DAPS Links: Netflix But No Chill, D4: The Mighty Ducks?, A Double Sided TV, & More


The chart above shows how many minutes on average, Neflix subcribers use the service vs. doing other things. Looks like a lot of Netflix, but very little chilling going on.

LG’s new double sided TV’s will let the inside of your wall unit watch your favorite shows with you!

Are you ready for new Batman V. Superman photos? You were probably ready this weekend, but bloggers celebrate Labor Day too…

You probably also already know that Chris Evans has decided that he wants to keep playing Captain America after all

Imagine if Eminem was Fat Joe’s protege and not Dr. Dre’s? That could have happened if Fat Joe wasn’t a moron.

Check out Joanna Sloame’s stoner-zombie web-series, Mike & Tim.

Some geniuses made a Rick and Morty remix for your earholes. While we’re on Rick and Morty, here’s a list of every universe on the show so far. Also, here’s the annotated wisdom of R&M co-creator, Dan Harmon.

I want to buy this just to say “I sleep in a Millennium Falcon, do YOU sleep in a Millennial Falcon?” only to have people point out how sad and single I am.

Some monster dissected a poor BB-8. RIP lil guy. ::cries::

Google wasn’t the only tech company to change it’s logo this year, these guys did as well.

A Mighty Ducks sequel might be on it’s way, and doesn’t sound predictable at all.

Is this new Panic! at the Disco or new Michael Buble? You decide!

Ronda Rousey is Carl’s Jr’s newest spokeslady, and watching her take on their new breakfast sandwich might be the sexiest thing they’ve ever done.

Facebook might start working with lenders to figure out your credit worthiness. How? Through the credit scores of your friends.

Apple is promising it’s September 9th event (that’s tomorrow) will be it’s biggest ever. Here’s what to expect.

Finally, watch Stephen Colbert’s late night competition give the new Late Show host some good advice:

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