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DAPS Links: Pizza Cake, A Batman House, The Secret Colbert Post-Credits Scene, Katy Perry, & More!

What do you get for the person who already has everything? How about a BATMAN GARAGE?!?

To make you smile, here’s Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” performed in the style of Disturbed.

HOW TO: Make a cake that looks like a pizza.

We found Hollywood’s most popular nightclub.

Did you turn off the first episode of Stephen Colbert’s late show before the secret post credits scene? Here’s what you missed.

Were you too busy making a living to watch Apple’s big event today? Digg has you covered with everything that matters.

Norm MacDonald compared Donald Trump to Hitler, which sounds about right.

If you haven’t been following #CuteOff, you haven’t been living.

Really, all couples should have to make a drunk history video in order to obtain a marriage certificate.

You’re The Worst returns tonight, and The AV Club is here to explain why it’s so goddamn good.

Scientists are determined to figure out which penises women prefer most because curing cancer is “too mainstream.”

Baby Kanye west is art.

This Google Chrome extension will do it’s darnedest to keep you away from TV spoilers.

Is this a real UFO or is it balls floating upside down in the sky, you decide!

This photo gallery of Katy Perry being immortalized at Grauman’s Mann’s TLC Chinese Theater is surprisingly interactive.

Here, I made this slow motion video of this afternoon’s rain on Staten Island… LOOK AT IT AND VALIDATE ME:

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