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DAPS Links: Super Celebrities, A Vampire Cat, Deep Fried Pizza Bacon Balls, & More

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We’ve teased this photo for a week, in just one week you’ll see what the hell it is! Photo: David Giordano

We scour the internet, you get the sweet sweet returns. Click away, kiddos:

One artist has been combining celebrities with other celebrities to create SUPER CELEBRITIES!

Do you find Horror theme songs a little too scary? Here, someone fixed that for ya.

Because Vin and I discussed it on the podcast, here’s an awesome Dino-Riders print.

Hungry? How about deep friend bacon pizza balls?

Create a Google Maps route, watch a video of that route, cry yourself to sleep because you have nothing better to do!

Fall Out Boy are covering a jungle book song on this Disney comp, due out 10/30. Listen Ne-Yo sing Aladdin, right now!

This dog learns he doesn’t have cancer, has a YouTube worthy reaction.

CLASSIC DAPS: Two words. Ostrich. Quadcopter. Sweet dreams!

Windows 10 will delete your pirated video games. The future is bleak, friends.

Matt from Dinosaur Dracula and Jay from The Sexy Armpit have a new podcast out that is a really fun listen. This week they discuss childhood fears.

Whatever money we make on this website, I’ll be spending on these awesome movie pillows.

Did this man and his dog Zippy find bigfoot? Were they high watching Harry and the Hendersons? You decide!

DAPS returns and Tracey Morgan is announced as a host for the upcoming SNL season. It’s been a good day!

This owl is probably going to steal your soul.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry want a Can’t Hardly Wait reunion movie. So do I.

You’ve seen the GIFs, now learn the science behind them!

This is what happens when you check your luggage at the airport. (That’s not a joke, you’ll really learn)

Four words this time: Swiss. Army. Barbie. Doll.

Finally, here is a vampire cat. I can’t come up with a dracula joke, but like, shut up, this is a free website.

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