DAPS Links: Testing Internet Life Hacks, A Guy Gets Bit By A Snapping Turtle, How To Take a Selfie, & More


First off, I don’t think this tiger wrote on that whiteboard

John Green tests a bunch of internet lifehacks, and it’s pretty entertaining.

Just looking at this Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Sandwich might change your life.

Some guy decided that it was a good idea to get bitten by a snapping turtle, but it’s cool because it’s for science or something!

Are your dogs always sleeping in? Try waking them with an earthquake!

Learn how 9 movies were changed to better suit international audiences.

This daredevil dove nearly 200 feet into a natural pool, but how did he know if it were going be too cold without dipping his toe in!?!?

The internet had some fun with this photo of Donald Trump kissing a baby.

Have you checked out the Super Live Adventure podcast. You should!

Finally, let Erin Mallory Long teach you how to take a proper selfie:

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