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DAPS Links: Turn Your Fridge Into A Giant Gameboy, How To Store Your Sperm, A Perfect Engagment Photo, & More

Emmy Torre's Buffy Collage

Emmy Torre’s BTVS Collage

You can buy Emmy Torre‘s awesome Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collage as a T-Shirt, and you should!

If a giant box that keeps your food cold just isn’t cool enough for you, you can grab these magnets that turn your fridge into a giant Gameboy.

That bite you feel on your butt as you poop? That’s a rat.

Staten Island’s air guitar hero, Matt Burns, is now your back to back US Air Guitar champion. Now his sights are set on the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Your garlic isn’t sad… you just cooked it wrong.

You may not like NYC’s Mayor Bill DeBlasio, but Louis CK has his back.

IMPORTANT: How to store your sperm in just 4 easy steps.

This right here, is how you do an engagement photo in the year 2015.

Stephen Colbert does a mean Mick Jagger impression, who knew…

Finally, it looks like the Daily Show with Trevor Noah is starting to gear up:

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