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DAPS Links: What is a ‘Sadcom’, A Deadlifting Power Ranger, TMNT vs. GnR, & More

Do you even morph, bro?

Speaking of morphin’, here are the Power Rangers and other heroes as ‘hero-glyphs’.

Hey adults! Here’s everything you need to know about the new Star Wars toys that were released today.

Will Amazon be bringing back Patrick Warburton’s The Tick? Better ask the 8 Ball.

In Japan, their maps have “cat street view“… we are definitely losing the cat arms race.

It turns out that republicans agree with Barack Obama’s policies when they believe that they’re Donald Trump’s policies. Oh.

This is imporant: Emma Watson Facts.

Watch: The evolution of lingerie in 3 minutes.

Have you ever watched a baseball game in under a minute?

Are family sitcoms killing the “Friends” sitcom model? Maybe. But maybe the “sadcom” is truly to blame.

UNEARTHED: Sesame Street’s perfect Donald Trump impression.

Let’s reminisce about that time the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles delayed a Guns N Roses concert.

So it seems that Captain America’s Civil War is not over superhero secret identities.

Here’s the latest in a great series of videos by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:

“From French dès vu, “seen as soon as” or “seen from this point forward.” Like déjà vu, but in the reverse order—already remembering something as you’re living it.”

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