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Deep Fried Seven Layer Cookies, Cannoli, And Other Deep Fried Pastries

Every once in a while, an idea so good strikes, that it cannot be shaken until it has been realized in the world. Sometime earlier this year, I was blessed with one of those brilliant thoughts. No, it wasn’t a cure for cancer or some gadget that will change the way you live, but it may just change your life.

That idea? Deep Fried Seven Layer Cookies (aka Rainbow Cookies.)

In a world where we deep fry everything from Snickers and cheesecake to butter or beer, it’s amazing that nobody has done this. According to our cursory Google search, DAPS’ editors are pioneers in the deep fried seven layer cookie game.

Enough talk though, who wants to see how they turned out??


Deep Fried Seven Layer Cookies

As an amateur food connoisseur, I can tell you that they’re as amazing as they look (and then some!)

For those of you wondering how we went about this, it’s pretty simple actually. Here’s how to make Deep Fried Seven Layer Cookies for yourself. We filled our deep fryer with Vegetable oil from Shop Rite and heated it to 375°F. Meanwhile we mixed up a batch of Aunt Jemima pancake batter in a bowl. Then we dipped the cookies into the pancake batter, covering them entirely. From there, we dropped the cookies into the oil, and then let them cook until they were golden brown. Easy Peasy. The whole thing is very similar to this recipe for deep fried Oreos.

Editor’s Note: For the record, we deep fried both types of 7LCs that our local bakery (Dominick’s, in New Dorp on Staten Island) had to offer. The jelly filled 7LCs turned out way better than the Cannoli cream filled ones.

If you know anything about deep frying stuff, you also know that it’s kind of a pain in the ass, with a lot to clean up, also it’s very hard to walk into a NYC bakery without buying just about everything. So we figured to make the most of this experiment, we’d buy a bunch more Italian pastries which we would also deep fry.

So, we did. With varying results. During our trip to the bakery we picked up some cannolilobster tails, mini fruit tarts, and even creme puffs.

Editor’s Note: OK, I know they’re not all Italian, but I don’t care because of taste buds don’t judge the way that our stupid logical brains do.

I’m pretty sure you guys want to see how these turned out too, so here ya go:

Deep Fried Creme Puffs

Deep Fried Mini Fruit tarts

Deep Fried Lobster Tail

Deep Fried Cannoli

Well, there you have it. If you guys decide to walk in our footsteps and deep fry some crap yourself, make sure you send us photos on Facebook or Twitter!

Special thanks to our good friend Elyse Harrell who took all of the photos in this post. You can find more of her work, here, or follow her on Twitter, here.

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