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Reifer writes:

“Guys like Chris Oliveri are putting it all out there.

Booty call brags; fire and brimstone sermons; leaks from the new “Harry Potter” flick; and, not least of all, new music.

Name it and you can download it to an MP3 player.

“People are inherently voyeuristic. Some people are living voyeuristically,” says the 25-year-old Web producer from New Springville, whose “Degocast” spotlights three 20-something Island dudes debating everything from global warming to how to pass gas in front of a new love.

Oliveri is just one of the diverse Island “podcasters” allowing their privacy to be invaded by the masses. Well, not quite the masses — yet.

Podcasts mainstreamed in 2005 when Apple integrated the 2-year-old software into the online jukebox juggernaut that is iTunes. Declared “Word of the Year” by the New Oxford American Dictionary, it was defined as “a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player.””

This is just one more example why people need to respect the fine people over at Mike Shane Photography…

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