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Eddie Murphy’s Crotch is the Best Part of Delirious.

I’m going to regale you with a tale about Eddie Murphy‘s dick.

I was up late and couldn’t fall asleep one night. I was bored and decided to watch one of Eddie Murphy’s legendary comedy specials. Everyone and their mother has seen ‘Raw‘ so I decided to be adventurous and watch his first special “Delirious“.

Just like in Raw, Murphy wears another ridiculous outfit. In this Delirious special it’s a form-fitting red leather shirt / pants combo. I was immediately struck by how clear as day the bulge in his pants appears. Do you think It was a conscious choice? Did Murphy want all the ladies in the audience and at home to stare at his huge bulge? I think so, because I couldn’t concentrate on anything else!

I decided to make a video showing exactly what I was seeing/ experiencing. I present to you an extreme close up of Eddie Murphy’s crotch during Delirious:

If you’re daring enough you can watch the entire special here:

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