Emilio Sparks Is One of Gaby Dunn’s 100 Interviews

You guys know how we love to update you on Emilio Sparks‘ progress en route to stardom? This is one of those posts! Last week NYC Blogger/Comedienne Gaby Dunn interviewed The Broke Celebrity as part of her very cool 100 interviews project. Just in case you’re not familiar with this interesting tumblog, I’ve gone ahead and did the research for you.

This is what the project entails.

A list of 100 types of people you know exist but have never encountered. It’s easier than you’d think. People surround themselves with the familiar for many reasons — comfort, complacency, fear.

A list of 100 people so unlike me that I could go my whole life and never even meet just one.

8 rules. 1 year. 100 interviews. The project begins October 1.

Basically, it’s kind of like that movie Julie and Julia only not as lame and Emilio in place of Meryl Streep. Gaby discussed Emilio’s journey from radio rookie to internet persona at the WSIA studio during The Emilio Sparks Experience, this was the result:

It”™s nearing midnight and Emilio Sparks is interviewing a Harlem rapper named Den10, a clean-cut young guy in a sweatshirt with his own name on it. Once on-air, Emilio launches into an in-depth discussion of Mr. 10″™s marijuana-smoking habits.

“How old were you when you started?” “What kind of blunts do you roll?” “What do you like to do when you get high?” The rapper laughs and dutifully answers the questions, and the direct approach gets Emilio a more interesting interview than, let”™s say, asking about the music, would have yielded.

“You just want to ask what other people don”™t have the balls to ask,” he says when I question his choice of topic. “I just want to one-up everybody.”

Dressed in a black sweatshirt and gray sweatpants, Emilio looks like if a young Al Pacino, Greg Giraldo and Eli Roth had a baby together. He speaks with a Staten Island accent but is able to curb it into a sort of hip-hop hybrid when he”™s on air. While working, the switchboard is an extension of Emilio”™s arms and his banter is like he”™s having a conversation with an invisible friend. When we talk, the transition from on-air to me is seamless; he picks up right where our conversation left off like he hasn”™t just been talking into a microphone. It”™s clear Emilio”™s been doing this for a long time.

I suggest you read the rest of the interview over on Gaby’s site here… it’s very revealing into the psyche of one of our finest DAPS soldiers.

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