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How To Make Red Bull and Vodka Jello Shots

Just in time for Labor Day weekend, and more importantly the start of the new college semester, DAPS is here to provide you with the next big thing in drinking.

You all probably know that Red Bull and Vodka have come to have a healthy and fruitful relationship. You probably also know that “the kids” like to mix their vodka with the delicious jello that they were brought up with. Well, we’re geniuses over here, so we combined those two truths into one deliciously alcoholic concoction.

For this experiment we created three different versions of our Energy Drink Jello Shots. Obviously we made Red Bull and Vodka jello shots (we’re not dummies), we also made Monster and Bacardi, and NOS and Absolut Citron. The recipe can be altered to suit whatever energy drink/booze combo that you guys are into.

So, lets get to how this stuff is made!

Obviously, the stuff was incredible… or we were just drunk, either way you should make them for your next party and make people’s heads explode in excitement.

If you do, make sure to send us a photo. We’ll send you some kind of prize, because this whole thing is really exciting for us… or we’re just drunk.

Anyway, here’s a little gallery of our process with pretty pictures for all you visual thinkers out there.

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