Finally, A Way To Turn Screaming Into Ice Cream!

You know that old saying “we all scream for ice cream?” Well, based on all of my childhood experience, I can tell you that it wasn’t true. Whenever I yelled for ice cream, I’d usually get punished, not treated. The fine people at Memphis Meltdown are changing the whole game.

In their latest ad spot, the ice cream maker shows college students shrieking wildly at a giant ear with built-in sensors that can measure a person’s scream. Scream loud enough and you’ll get an ice cream. Don’t scream loud enough and you’ll get a little thing called embarrassment.

Sounds like all of my childhood fantasies come true. Yelling? Check. Ice Cream? Check.

I think I’m going to go like this Memphis Meltdown on Facebook, right this minute. Mmmmmm yelling.

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