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Food and Sports Stuff: Episode 06 – Cheese Challenge (Feat. Veronica Bisceglie)



Episode 06 – Cheese Challenge (Feat. Veronica Bisceglie)

Ranking The Cheeses, Talking MTV’s The Challenge, Ranting About The Mets (Again)

The guys have a special guest, friend/nemesis of the pod, Joe‘s sister. They talk about NY centric food and then wonder why millennials are obsessed with avocados (7:31).  This is followed by a discussion of every kind of cheese ever created (11:58). Chris watched MTV’s the Challenge Dirty 30 (36:18) so the gang gets deep into the intricacies of that and wonder why anyone watches this show at all while Damian takes a break to draw Batman (48:30). Finally, they finish up with a mostly civil discussion about another lost year for the Mets (57:46).

See the full FB thread about Cheeses, here.


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Finally, here’s a GIF of Yoenis Cespedes taking ground balls 3B 

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