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Food and Sports Stuff: Episodes 1 and 2

We'll have better art soon.

We’ll have better art soon.

What is the Food and Sports Stuff podcast?

Exactly what is sounds like, plus a little more

Food and Sports stuff is a new podcast from Dog and Pony Show. It is equidistant from your stomach and brain. It’s a great place to get all of your food discussions and most of your sports discussions. Chris Olivieri and Joe Bisceglie (and Producer Damian Thomas) cook up some delicious food content for your brain and give you some sports takes that are often out of left field. They also try not to lean too heavily on puns as that can get old quick. Really the podcast is Chris and Joe riffing on whatever topics fall into their sphere which means they can go from food to sports to pop culture to anywhere in between.

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We’re podcast n00bs, so we released the first two episodes of the show as we climb the learning curve of the medium.

Episode 01 –  Air Bud: Chain of Thrones (Jump to Episode 2)

Ranking the best Chain Restaurants, NHL Playoffs vs. NBA Playoffs, Game of Thrones

Chris and Joe spend an excessive amount of time discussing chain restaurants but somehow forget about Waffle House until about halfway through. Then the guys compare the Stanley Cup playoffs to the NBA playoffs and ruminate on whether movies about those respective sports mirror real life or vice versa. Lastly, Joe talks shit about George R.R. Martin as the guys geek out a bit about Game of Thrones.


Below are some of the things we reference, but think you should watch too.

John Mulaney discusses choosing between salad and fries. (Watch the Netflix special “New in Town”, here)




The history of the Bloomin Onion – Maybe invented at Scotty’s Steak House (& Comedy Cove) in New Jersey


Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning – Available on Amazon!




A Refresher on Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence

Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, and Bo Jackson starred in a cartoon called Pro-Stars where they solved crimes

Here’s that Game of Thrones Trailer that we discuss.

Episode 02 – Like Stealing Candy From LeBron James

Ranking the best Candies, How To Fix Baseball, The Americans.

Joe and Chris talk for longer than necessary about avocado cutting technique. Then they go into their top 5 candies and Joe chides Chris for his feelings on Swedish fish. The guys start off discussing NBA finals which transitions into a more meta conversation about sports narratives. Then the guys try to “fix” baseball and finish up with Damian complaining about the props on the Americans.


The Chinese food place in Manhattan that Joe refers to at the beginning is Xi’an Famous Foods in Manhattan


How to cut an avocado with perfect slices (this is not Chris, but the first example is really close)

Artist Dan Meth‘s hipster take on the Slim Jim, the Slim James (as part of his rebranded junk food series)


What is a nougat? Now you know…

Photographer Mike Shane’s photo journal from Myanmar can be found, here

Bagan is a dream I don’t want to wake from

A post shared by Mike Shane (@mikeshanephoto) on

These are those Sugarfina Bourbon Bears, you know, if you’re feeling brave.


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