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Fourth Grade NYC Public School Student Makes Documentary About Gross School Lunches

Much like this child will be, I am the product of the New York City public school system. As such, I have been subjected to some of the worst atrocities to humankind imaginable. The hot lunch program was hardly part of that. Apparently, pizza Friday and Chicken Sandwich Tuesday isn’t good enough for Zachary Maxwell, so he decided to make a documentary about how “yucky” his school lunch was.

While I won’t disagree with little Zack’s sentiments, being a public school kid, I knew better than to make some crappy documentary and just ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day until I was old enough to cut school and eat KFC.

But Zack is young and creative (some of the worst traits a human could have), and his parents are probably very supportive, (another black eye!) so now we must all coo over this kids attempt at making a movie and treat it like it’s half-way watchable because “he tried sooo hard”.

What happened to New York?

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