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Fund Our First Indiegogo Project: Learning to Fart on Command

Today we are launching our first ever Indiegogo campaign. It’s for a project we are calling Learning to Fart on command: A Life-Long Dream Realized. Take a look at our campaign video.

Editor’s note: We originally went with Kickstarter, but they actually declined our application! Luckily Indiegogo is a much better service and has no approval process.

We are really excited for this project and hope that all of our loyal readers will donate. We crunched the numbers and if all of our readers donated just $1, we’d have a million-billion dollars to make the most incredible documentary about one man learning how to fart at will and using that ability to fart in the faces of random people.

Sure this sounds silly, but we’d rather you think about it in terms of supporting the arts, helping realize a dream 30 years in the making, and ponying up a few bucks to watch a bunch of stranger get farted on. What’s more American than that?

If you are interested in helping us out, don’t hesitate to visit the Indiegogo page for this project and donating.

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