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Gaby and Allison of Just Between Us Perfectly Explain What It’s Like To Be The Party Prisoner

Do you recognize these lovely ladies? They’re internet superstars, Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin, we’ve mentioned them here before! The besties are still at it, creating funny videos you can’t help but share with you friends.

Their new video The Party Prisoner hilariously depicts a situation I believe we’ve all been in.  Being at a party or a get together with a friend where you want to get the hell out, but your party partner just isn’t catching you’re drift! Of course we can never come right out and say it. Both Gaby and Allison star in this sketch so, obviously, there are hilarious jokes sewn in throughout the whole video.  Their facial expressions are my personal favorite.  Also in the video, some of Gallison’s friends feature as other guests the party – Rachel Middleton and Taylor Fance.

Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin are both making names for themselves on the internet.  These BuzzFeed girls branched off and created a greater fan base with YouTube channels of their own. Allison and Gaby are both writers, actresses, and funny female icons that everyone should know and love.  The best friends stand for women’s rights, mental health issues, and solving sexism.  Fuck the patriarchy!  Allison has done some pretty great stand-up, and she also writes and acts for BuzzFeed videos just like her bestie.  “No Fun” Gaby Dunn started out with her 100 interviews project, which is amazingly unique and proves strong effort in her work.  Known for her feminism and hatred of the patriarchy Gaby also speaks out about gender identity.

Allison and Gaby are both very open and honest about their struggles, the Youtube show sometimes touches on topics like depression, OCD and anxiety.  “I am not afraid of my truth anymore,” exclaims Dunn, adding “and i will not omit pieces of me to make you comfortable.” These two ladies are amazing for younger generations to look up to, especially those with creative streaks. Making light of shitty situations the girls are able to laugh at themselves while putting on a great show.

Their YouTube Channel – Just Between Us contains skits and sessions on the couch where the girls answer questions about love.  “Learn all about Allison and Gaby and their unhealthy relationship as they try to help you with yours!” The two were surprised their channel became so successful, little did they know they are the perfect mix!  I love them! Keep the videos coming girls, we all will always want more!

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Jessica Giardino

Jessica Giardino