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Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin Solve Sexism in Hollywood

Hollywood has always had a tough time producing a big budget action movie that’s centered around female characters. More to the point, Hollywood hasn’t even really tried. Lucky for them, it seems that Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin (of BuzzFeed Video and Just Between Us fame) have figured out exactly how to create such a compelling film that entertains the masses and empowers female viewers worldwide. The trailer (above) is fake, but I’m pretty sure that if Netflix got behind it, it’d be a pretty big hit. Are you listening, Netflix??

The video, titled “Hollywood Solves Sexism” is part of a series called Field Day, which is produced by YouTube and 1stAveMachine, takes YouTube stars and gives them a budget to “have a field day” with. What a cool idea, right? You can catch more of them, here.

As a semi-related note, in researching this post, I re-discovered our first post that discussed Gaby’s work. It was an article highlighting Gaby’s interview with Emilio Sparks, which was posted wayyyy back in 2010 as part of her 100 interviews series. I strongly recommend that you check it out, especially if you’re a young writer. 5 years later and I still think it’s brilliant.

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