GAP’s #BackToBlue campaign Shines A Light On The Children of George Harrison and Billy Joel.

It’s always interesting to watch the children of celebrities grow up. Does the apple fall far from the tree? Is the apple as sweet? Can the apple shred on the guitar just like dad could??

The latest online campaign from GAP, #BackToBlue, whose primary function is to reinforce the idea of getting back to what matters most – our truest selves, also showcases now grown-ups, Dhani Harrison (son of George) and Alexa Rae Joel (daughter of Billy).

Above, we see a behind-the-scenes vignette for Harrison’s spot, directed by Danny Clinch, which provide a peek into his creative process and vision. A similar video for Ms. Joel’s spot (where she cover’s dad’s “Just The Way You Are” can be found, here.

As for the questions I posed earlier, I’ll let you answer for yourself. Personally, I think the campaign is pretty neat.The entire “Just the Way You Are” and “For You Blue” tracks are available for download now on iTunes. All proceeds of the “For You Blue” track by Dhani Harrison will go to George Harrison’s Material World Foundation.

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