Good Charlotte Return With A Text Message Based Lyric Video For “Makeshift Love”

A big surprise after five years, it seems like GC is making a comeback! Your favorite classic, pop punk band, Good Charlotte, has returned with a new single called “Makeshift Love,” a breakup song and we love the nostalgia!

While on break from Good Charlotte the twins had tons of fun working and making friends with younger bands like All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, 5 Seconds of Summer, and more! It was the time spent with these artists that inspired the group to reunite. “We all wanted to stand on stage together again as a band” Benji Madden explained.

In the “Makeshift Love” lyric video (above) we see various shots of something very familiar to us all – phone screens lit up with texts. A perfect way of displaying lyrics on screen without being boring. Thumbs crank out GC’s new lyrics and press send. A few of their lines say things about “the old me”. Which I think gives a sense of new things to come from GC!

What will this run bring? “2016 marks the 20 year anniversary of Good Charlotte,” Madden explained. “These days we are all operating on feelings, so we will see how it feels!” Tickets went on sale today, Nov 6th, for a special one night only performance. On Nov 19th, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch the guy’s in LA preforming at Troubadour. #welcomebackGC

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Jessica Giardino

Jessica Giardino