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Presenting: All 29 Original TGIF Intros

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Being that today is Friday, it’s a perfect time to take a look back at one of the most iconic television lineups of the 1990s. Starting in 1988, ABC began to run family oriented programming every Friday night between the hours of 8pm and 10pm. Many of the shows that made up that lineup, primarily sitcoms, have since cemented their place as classics in the hearts of 90s kids across America (and most likely everywhere else around the globe)

Here They are! All 29 Clasic TGIF Theme Songs and Intros

How are we going to undertake this mass-reminiscence?

Through opening credits and theme songs of course!

Before we get into the individual shows, let’s take a look at TGIF’s theme song that let us know it was time for the funny to begin (specifically the 1991 version):

Now on to the classic intros you all remember, starting with the TGIF classics that premiered in 1988:

Perfect Strangers

Note: PS originally aired from 1986-1988 in a Wednesday night time slot, but moved to help create the TGIF lineup.


Full House

Note: Full House also began airing before TGIF’s first incarnation and was moved. 


Mr Belvedere

Note: Just like the first two shows, Mr. Belvedere was also moved to create the original TGIF. We didn’t know either. Weird.

Yup, the final season of Mr. B aired as part of the first TGIF, i bet ya didn’t know that…


Just The 10 of Us


There was only one show added to the TGIF lineup for the 1989-1990 season, but it was a good one.

Family Matters


The 1990-1991 season added another personal favorite, as well as a pair of shows that didn’t last very long.



Going Places


Baby Talk


…and the additions to the 1991-1992 season

Step by Step



Note: We couldn’t find an intro to Billy, but we did find this trailer. It starred future nerd Johnny Galecki… who remembers this one?


Here’s 1992-1993’s offerings

Camp Wilder

Note: Another show that wasn’t popular enough to even have it’s intro posted to YouTube, but there is this clip of Hillary Swank and Jared Leto to remember it by.


Getting By



Where I Live


1993-1994 produced one of the most popular TGIF offerings ever , I’ll give you a hint. Mr. Feeny is in it.

Give up??

Boy Meets World

Yes, we know. It’s only the first season’s intro. If you want more just go to YouTube


Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

The sexiest TGIF theme song.


Sister, Sister


ABC was pretty happy with the combo of Boy Meets World, Full House, Mr Cooper, and Family Matters, so they only tested a new show during the 1994-1995 season.


On Our Own


In the 1995-1996 season we got to know one new family, and were re-acquainted with some old friends.

Aliens In The Family


Muppets Tonight


1996-1997 re-introduced the world to some old Archie favorites as well as a television adaptation of an Alicia Silverstone favorite.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch




For the 1997-1998 edition, ABC tried to ride on the success of Sabrina The Teenage Witch with a pair of supernatural sitcoms.

You Wish

Note: This is part of a whole episode, you can hit stop when the music does. 


Teen Angel

Note: Teen angel didn’t seem to have a theme song, so here’s a refresher episode.


In 1998, long after I stopped watching, TGIF saw the addition of another two shows. I don’t care much about them, maybe you will. (Especially you were a Mary Kate and Ashley fan)

Two of a Kind


Brother’s Keeper

UPDATE: Looks like ABC had the intro to Brother’s Keeper removed from YouTube. They obviously don’t want you to know that it existed. Below, you can see a brief clip in a promo for TGIF:


Finally, in the series final run two final nails in the coffin were added to the once powerhouse of television. It also included Making The Band (the O-Town version), but I’m not including that even though I loves me some Ashley Parker Angel.

Odd Man Out

Note: Intro is at 1:40. I didn’t even know this one ever aired.


The Hughleys


Note: TGIF was brought back for a second run from 2003-2005 with the likes of George Lopez. They should be ashamed of that. The current ABC Friday night lineup, with Shark Tank is also being called TGIF, which is basically a bold faced lie.

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