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Here’s that Dog and Pony Show Pilot From Two Years Ago, That You’ve Probably Never Seen 

In May of 2012, the DAPS kids began discussing the idea of making a television version of our website, which was peaking at the time. The idea slowly began to come together over the hot summer months. We teamed up with our friend Don Arangio as a producer on the project and recruited some of our very talented friends as well.

We continued to do light preparation into the fall, and began casting, scripting, and location scouting in October. This search led us to the very funny Katie Koster and Meghan Griffin who we paired with DAPS founder Carlo Montagnino and frequent collaborator Casey Jost.

In November we fine tuned our script, staged run-throughs of the show, and took care of other loose ends necessary to get our shooting under way. That happened in the first weekend of December.

Being that we had virtually no budget, the project was basically running on love, and equipment that we either owned previously or borrowed from friends and well-wishers.

From there, we came into just about every technical difficulty that a group could come into on a project of this scale. Between those issues and the fact that we were working on a number of other projects at the time, our release was delayed significantly.

Slowly, over the following months, we corrected issues and did a ton of green-screen post-production work. It was grueling. We finally premiered at our 5th and final anniversary party this March.

A couple of weeks ago, Don suggested that we give the show an internet premiere. I personally wrestled with that idea for a little while, mostly because the issues left the product far from where I had originally envisioned it. After a couple of weeks of deliberation, I decided that it deserved to be live on the site, especially considering the amount of time and effort that we spent on it over that year or so.

So, that’s the story of the Dog and Pony Show.. Show. Once again, we’d like to thank everyone involved in making this final product. We really appreciate the work you did on it, and we had a blast working with you in the process. I’d name you all, but I don’t want to forget anyone. Besides, your names are all in the credits :)

For some photos from the production (by David Giordano), check out this Tumblr post, and the galleries on our Facebook page here, here, and here.

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