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Hero Hacks Amazon’s Dash Button To Order Domino’s Pizza


Some of you might already know that you can now order a Domino’s pizza by simply texting or tweeting them a pizza emoji. But then you have to turn on your phone, open an app, switch to the emoji keyboard, find the pizza emoji, click it, and click send.

Who needs that kind of Hassle??

Well, the Amazon Dash Button is a nifty little tool that has one purpose. You push a button and a household staple (anything from Bounty paper towels to Kraft Mac & Cheese) gets delivered straight to your door. What there isn’t an Amazon Dash Button for, however, is pizza. This is an absolute crime. That’s why Brody Berson, tweaked his $5 Amazon Dash button to send him his Domino’s quick order (Presumably, hot delicious pizza) instead of paper towels.

Now, Brody can simply press his dash button, and his favorite pizza will be on it’s way!

The video above doesn’t do the greatest job of explaining *exactly* how he did it, but Brody wrote up a whole blog on Medium explaining just that. If you’re the tech-y nerd kinda person, you can read that, here. You can also get all of the code for this “Domino’s Pizza Dash” over on Github. Everyone else can do what I did and just marvel at Brody’s pizza bringing genius.

Follow Brody on Twitter, here.

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