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How is Kevin Smith relevant to 9/11?


We all know what happened at 8:46am, 8 years ago (and if we didn’t your Facebook status updates this morning completely educated us) It was numbing, it was surreal, it was tragic.

There’s this phenomenon that occurs during such tragedies, where people’s true humanity is exposed.  In his TEDtalk, Anthony Robbins told a story about his experience with people the day of the attacks. He recalled that “guilty people  got guilty, sad people got sad” and so on.

There was a good contingent of DAPS staff, that had worked at a Staten Island movie theater at the time.  From what you’ve probably gathered reading our posts, watching our videos, and listening to our podcast, DAPS staffers are generally silly, loud, frank people with dirty mouth.

We weren’t thinking about that then, but late in the afternoon when everything was closed down, we congregated at that movie theater and did the only thing that felt natural.

We filed into the largest theater, and ran the new Kevin Smith flick.

For 2 hours, we could forget. Even though we had seen it (some of us more than once) the silly, loud, frank, movie with lots of dirty mouth reminded us who we were and what was important.

Speaking for those of us who were at that screening, Thanks Kevin Smith, you made it a little easier.

Update: Kevin actually got a hold of this post and Re-Tweeted it. Thanks for sharing my story, Kevin!


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