How the new Facebook will change your life…

We all spend way too much time on Facebook, sitting there waiting for a new notification. It’s become a procrastinator’s dream, a friend, and a lifestyle.

Facebook execs have announced that the popular social networking site will be changing its.. um.. face. So what’s the big deal? We looked on the geek sites so you don’t have to, this way you can update your status about it or something.

First, here is a screenshot of the new Facebook home screen (which you can see larger on Facebook here):

New Facebook

The new front page is interesting, and works a lot like twitter. We’ve talked a little about the similarities between Facebook status updates and Twitter before (Actually Degocast really can’t shut up about it!)

Here’s what the new Facebook is going to do:

1. Shows friend updates in real-time, this way when your friend breaks up with his hot girlfriend you can jump on that shit.

2. Allows you to filter your friend lists, so you don’t have to see anything about that kid whose friend request you accepted because he just wouldn’t stop sending them.

3. It’s going to have a featured section on the right hand side of the screen, we’re pretty sure that’s just because they’re greedy fucks.

4. Fan pages (like our’s here) are going to become more interactive and operate very similar to regular profiles (we have one of those too, we’re Facebook whores, we know.) Now you can follow-up on all the world’s news with the New York Times or just know what Kevin Smith is doing at any minute.

So, all that is pretty cool. We gotta wonder why they aren’t addressing any of the issues brought up by this guy:

Props to Mike on finding that link (I stole it from his Facebook profile, teehee)

So, What do you guys think about the new Facebook: Easier to get lost in the nothingness and waste your life? or “More information = More Power”?

PS. Does anyone else really hate the Facebook chat noise? It kinda makes me want to punch someone…

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