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How to play Google Chrome’s “Unable to Connect to the Internet” Dinosaur Game

Any good millennial knows that the WiFi cutting out is a straight up traumatic experience. When there’s no internet connection, you scream obscenities, you rage with your fists in the air, and you consider physically assaulting your goddamn computer for doing this to you.

Like, I thought you were my boy??

The understanding folks at Google are quite sensitive to these troubles of the common people. So, they’ve acted swiftly to provide some solace in our times of need.

If you think back to a time when your internet was down, you might recall seeing a cute little dinosaur in your Chrome browser. The Googlers aren’t just trying to make you feel better with some bad Jurassic Park nostalgia, they’re actually providing you with a bit of a distraction. Their T-Rex “Unable to connect to the internet” screen is actually the beginning of a little video game.

How nice of them, right??

Here’s how to play Google Chrome’s Dinosaur Game:

  1. When you land on Google’s “Unable to connect to the internet” screen in your Chrome browser, hit your space bar.
  2. The game will begin, and the T-Rex will begin running, kind of like Flappy Bird. Hit the Press <Up> and <Down> keys to jump and duck to avoid obstacles like (giant?) cacti, and pterodactyls.
  3. Hit an obstacle, and it’s game over :(
  4. But then repeat all steps again!

As a note, you can just turn off your internet connection to play the game, too. But, like, who wants to turn off their internet connection? Also, you can play the game in phones running on Google’s Android, in which case you need to tap the screen to make the little guy jump.

Don’t have chrome? Download it, here.

How to play Google Chrome's Dinosaur Game

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