I wasn’t paying attention, did something happen in Major League baseball?

Braun Suspension Screenshot

I thought the most life altering moment of my week would be The Red Wedding. Then around 8 PM on Tuesday evening my Twitter exploded. ESPN was reporting that Major League baseball had reached a deal with Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch. MLB would drop their lawsuit against Bosch in exchange for his testimony against the players who used his service including Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez.

Twelve weeks ago, i blew up a small sub-section of the internet when I tweeted that Braun, A-Rod, Cano and Granderson would all be suspended for PEDs and then we wrote about it on DAPS. Then a bunch of different sports blogs picked it up. Needless to say it caused a wide variety of reactions, some people believed me, citing my credibility from tweeting a similar story about Melky Cabrera the year before. Some people were rightfully skeptical. And some people were dickheads but it wouldn’t be the internet without the lowest common denominator.

Obviously Cano and Granderson’s names haven’t come out and truthfully they might never come out. If those guys are never linked to PEDs again in their lives, I am sorry for dropping their names in with the others. I was just passing along what I had heard.

That last point is the key. I was just a guy passing along what I had heard. Now it is at least half true. I never wavered and if you can see my Twitter mentions dozens of people claim to have never wavered in their belief of me either. I even knew that ESPN wouldn’t give me an ounce of credit when they “broke” this. I’m not even mad at them. You don’t get to be the evil empire of sports media by shouting out bloggers with 1200 followers.

So here we are now, the rest of the world catches up to what a bunch of dudes from Staten island knew 3 months ago. In real life, unlike Westeros sometimes the little guy can beat the Lannisters…..

MLB Suspension Screenshot
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