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If You Like Winter in New York, You’ll Love Winter in Antarctica

With the not-so-lovely New York winter season rapidly approaching, Air New Zealand and National Geographic are sponsoring a trip to Antarctica for one intrepid explorer to follow photographer and environmentalist Jason Edwards for two weeks.

So, if you like the cold, bragging rights, telling an awesome story, have a smooth, silky voice, and enjoy raising awareness about environmental issues, chances are you’ll fit right in with the penguins and the frozen tundras of the South Pole, so apply at:

All you have to do is write a commentary or record a narrative to go along with one of the three videos here. You can use a humorous tone or be serious – whatever it takes to create an entertaining segment.

The winner of the contest will receive cold-weather training in Christchurch, New Zealand, sometime next year before setting off to use their storytelling abilities to create a unique narrative about Antarctica.

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Mark Revello

Mark Revello