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In Memoriam: Bacon

I’m sorry if I’m the first person to tell you this, but soon there will be no more bacon. As a society, we’ve been greedy and have basically drained our entire supply. The invention of the internet has brought on an age of bacon greed, one for which we will soon pay the ultimate price.

Here’s why

New data shows the European Union pig herd is declining at a significant rate, and this is a trend that is being mirrored around the world. Pig farmers have been plunged into loss by high pig-feed costs, caused by the global failure of maize and soya harvests. All main European pig-producing countries report shrinking sow herds. (via Hypervocal)

I know that’s complicated, but let me break it down for you guys. SOON THERE WILL BE NO MORE BACON.

No bacon for BLTs.

No bacon for bacon cheeseburgers.

and certainly no bacon for burger king sundaes.

I’m sure we’ll move on, humanity is resilient. But this is surely sad, sad news. :(

Here’s a little video we made in tribute:

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